Where have all the sales gone?

A marketing specialist at London ExCel's "The Business Show" mentioned in her seminar yesterday that only 2% of people buy from a company on first contact, 3% on second, 5% on third, 10% on fourth, and 80% on fifth to twelfth.

However, 48% of salespeople don't follow-up on a contact; 25% make a second contact; 12% a third; and only 10% make more than three contacts with their prospects.

This suggests to me that as buyers we want to know more about what we are buying and to have some sort of relationship with the people/company we may buy from.

One of the oft-repeated mantras is that "people buy from people they know, like, and trust". In contrast, a salesperson who expects/demands a sale on first contact is demonstrating that he/she is not interested in cultivating a relationship, but only notching up the sale.

When put this way, it follows that only 10% of companies understand this - the ones making more than three contacts. And to these go 80% plus 10% = 90% of sales.

Improving customer relationship management is thus the key to improving the performance of our sales funnels - something that features in my online class.