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Business Team 2


How do you corral senior managers busy with their day jobs to apply their wisdom, knowledge, and experience together to the business' strategy?  You put an examination paper in front of them to find out what they know, then ask them to identify what they discovered they do not know.  See my blog Extreme Facilitation for how we did this.

Business Meeting


If strategy is about the ways to deploy the enterprise's means to achieve its ends, then the job is not done until actions are resourced and coordinated to achieve the ends described in the strategic objectives.  But what happens when there are insufficient resources to implement the strategy?  How do you decide what to cut?  See my blog Optimising Investment for how we did this.

Industrial Design Car Sketch 2


Strategic objectives form the bridge between strategic analysis - which figures out where we should go - and strategic planning - which figures out how we should travel.  For the objectives to be achieved, they need to be translated into resourced actions that deliver outputs, establish outcomes, realise benefits and thus achieve the objectives.  Easily said, but then these need to be managed inside projects, programmes, and a portfolio of change.  See my blog Strengthening Portfolio Management for how we did this.

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