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Strategy Academy Courses

In this video Nicholas Whittall presents an overview of every course available in our Strategy Academy.

A selection are featured below.

Start-Up Succes

How do I configure my start-up for success?

The course unpacks this deceptively simple question and shows students how to:

* understand their target customers and the problems they need solving;

* quantify the market they address and the competitors they face;

* define the value they create and deliver at what price;

* plan to engage their target customers in the market in the face of competition;

* forecast the business' financial performance;

* specify the skills they need in their “power team”;

* cultivate the mindset that will lead them to success;

* craft objectives and design tasks to achieve them;

* assess their exposure to threats and uncertainty; and

* quantify the finance they need to launch and nurture their business to thrive.

Strategy for Activists

Activists have a single question: So What?
They have little interest in the theory.  They just want to know what works, and why they should care.
This course has been designed with activists in mind.
It is all content and no fluff.
It delivers the essentials of strategy in videos averaging five and a half minutes.
But it is not a disconnected set of concepts.
It is a system that answers a single question:
What must the enterprise do to continue to thrive in fulfilling its purpose?
It is more likely that activists will contribute to strategy rather than develop it.
With this course under their belt they will know how best to work with the strategist.

How to Launch a Successful Vacation Rental Business

Once you start thinking about it, there is so much to get right to set up a Vacation Rental/Holiday Let business!

Where should the property be?

How should I prepare the property?

How do I attract guests when I have no reviews?

Nicholas has captured his experience in launching Pavlova Property Ltd's first Vacation Rental/Holiday Let on the Jurassic Coast in East Devon, UK, and distilled it into this course. Pavlova Property regularly receive 10 out of 10 reviews on and five stars on TripAdvisor and similar sites. They have now launched their second property, building on the success of the first.

In this course, Nicholas shows how to:

  • Plan the business by understanding customers and the competition, then preparing a viable financial plan;

  • Establish the business by equipping and preparing the property to entice guests, and setting up the "back office" to gain bookings;

  • Drive success by running the business to delight guests and refining the business so it can be scaled;

  • Make it so, turning the insights gained in the earlier sections into an action plan and a business plan.

Nicholas presents the course in nine video lectures supported by a Work Book, which allows students to collect their insights in one place and have all the information they need to launch their own successful Vacation Rental/Holiday Let business.