Here to Serve You

Most business owners found a business to make a living by delivering solutions to customers' problems.

Many owners found a business to deliver to them the lifestyle they seek and the time to enjoy it.

Some owners achieve this "financial freedom" and "time freedom" through their businesses.

However, many allow the busyness of everyday business to obscure their personal objectives and find themselves far from the personal goals they may have once set themselves.

My passion is to enable business owners to shape their businesses to serve their objectives, rather than them serving their businesses. I bring to this a rich body of knowledge and practical experience in business strategy, transformation and coaching, my own experience as the owner of Whittall Consulting Ltd and joint owner of a property company, and my unique experience in the chair of a not-for-profit.

For me, every business owner must have a compelling answer to the question:

What must my business do to continue to thrive in fulfilling my purpose?


My mission is to work with business owners to give a coherent and credible answer to this question by addressing four subordinate questions:

  1. How did my business arrive here?

  2. Where should my business go?

  3. How should my business travel?

  4. Why?

I do this through my Make Business Thrive programme.

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“Nicholas is an exceptional individual, able to take complex scenarios and make them clear and understandable. Not only was he very interesting to work with but he was also a pleasure to work with.”

Dawn Ohlson

“Nicholas has an exceptional ability to grasp the big picture and combine it with the small detail, practical action and novel idea through which real progress can be made. At the same time, he has the steadiness of intent necessary to pursue such work to a successful outcome.”

Philip Boxer

“Nicholas  possesses both a deep understanding of his sector, with a wide capability of strategic thinking. This combination is one of his great strengths.”

Janet Garcia